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Certain security risks are associated with the handling, processing and disposal of magnetic media. An increasing range of computer, communication, recording and entertainment systems use magnetic media such as floppy and hard disks, reels, cassettes and tapes and it is not sufficient to ‘record over’ existing media. Computer hard drives could hold information that companies would not wish to fall into the hands of competitors, or, computer reels may have data that could infringe the data protection laws should they be disposed of in the wrong way. There are undoubtedly many examples of more serious risks.

The UK Government, through the Cabinet Office has established a specification, administered by the SEAP (Security Equipment Assessment Panel) which specifies the performance levels of degaussers needed to destroy and render UK Government media secure. Verity Systems 'S' Model degaussers meet and exceed the SEAP specifications, including "TOP SECRET" media of 1644 Oe. Verity Systems ‘S’ Model degaussers have NATO numbers

The SEAP standard was published in June1997 to enable manufacturers to submit degaussers against a defined requirement. It specifies the methods of testing and performance of degaussing equipment for use in the destruction of Government, protectively marked information.

Equipment is categorised as Type 2. All Verity Systems 'S' model degaussers have been approved to the Type 2 specification where a depth of eraser of -90dB has to be achieved.

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