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Sony’s OLED technology redefines monitors

Sony’s latest TRIMASTER EL™ monitors with cutting edge OLED technology herald the next generation in colour production. Sony’s much-anticipated BVM Series optimize the potential of the latest Organic Light Emitting Diode display through Sony’s Super Top Emission OLED technology.

Available in a choice of display panel sizes, it’s display quality like you’ve never seen before, combined with superb consistency, accurate uniformity across the screen and long-term reliability.

Next generation colour display

Miss nothing - Amazingly accurate black reproduction on every pixel

Never be afraid of the dark again

With the blackest blacks quick response with no motion blur and stunningly accurate colour clarity and reproduction, there’s no fear of missing even the tiniest detail.

In simple terms, Sony’s latest TRIMASTER EL™ OLED monitors combine the key technologies that enable you to achieve the highest levels of colour accuracy, precision imaging and picture quality consistency. With Sony OLED, blacks are reproduced by individual pixel, enabling users to evaluate each picture faithfully to the signal. Contrast performance in all ambient light conditions is superior to other display devices, with true blacks and colours throughout. With the widest colour gamut also offered, you have the ideal display device for picture evaluation.

For the sharpest eyes in colour production

Developed for post-production houses where visual performance and accuracy is critical, TRIMASTER EL™ OLED monitors will re-sharpen your focus on colour reproduction excellence. It’s the new way for leading colourists to put the final polish on productions to achieve the visions of directors and producers.

Matching every shot in a scene and creating the desired effects from visual material has never been more achievable. It’s the new ‘must-have’ tool for colour specialists at the top of their profession.

A wider gamut of colours and more colour accuracy at all levels

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